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Performance Optimization

Through integration with operational, font and back office teams, our focused on Operational and Business Process Improvement, we take the time to understand and map out major processes within an organization requiring an overhaul or review. We obtain a clear understanding of the current state, before we look at process redesign to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Our objective is to increase quality and speed, whilst reducing cost and risk.

Based on the needs of our Clients, we focus on the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance

Pivotal to the success of the company is the ability to track and report the ‘right’ numbers in a meaningful way. Our experience allows us to identify and implement best practice to not only ensure the technical accuracy, but ensure practicality to support business decisions.

  • Internal Controls

Governance within an organisation is fundamental at all levels and key to shareholders. Our approach to protecting the interests of the Company is focused on the effectiveness and accuracy of policies, processes and procedures. 

  • Procurement and Supply Chain 

Suppliers exist in all businesses but specifically in Thailand, the management and procurement of goods and services is where a company can win or lose its competitive edge. Procurement divisions are also an area of risk from fraudulent activities.

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Shaun Wong
Partner - BTCS
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Yundyong Thantiviramanon
Managing Partner - BTCS
T:+66 2679 5400