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Feasibility and Valuation

Feasibility Studies

In this ever changing hi - tech  world new industries are evolving everyday in response to environmental problems, rising fuel cost, etc.

These are generally referred to as 'green field projects', ie where some entrepreneur has an idea but needs financial experts to prove viability to attract investor or bank finance.

Generally BTCAS undertakes feasibility studies on a low retainer basis (plus success fee) to assist clients in raising funds.

Cross Border Valuations

One of the growing demands on our Corporate Advisory Service is Cross Border Valuation, predominately to satisfy Stock Exchange regulations before listing.

BTCAS was recently engaged to value International Beverage Holding Limited before its listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

This work extends to other associated areas where BTCAS is engaged  to audit the underlying financial models supporting fund raising programs such as the 'Trans Thai Malaysian' pipeline (project borrowings USD 500 million).

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