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Tax Advisory Services

Our team of tax professionals at Baker Tilly Tax Thailand have a blend of different industry backgrounds and experience in both local and international tax. The qualifications of our staff are recognized internationally in terms of being Chartered and Public Practice Certified and locally in terms of being Legally Licensed. With these credentials, our team has an emphasis on ensuring the commercial insights of our industry experience are incorporated into all of our service offerings for the benefit of our clients.

It is important that our team are also capable of utilizing our knowledge and experience to work closely with our Baker Tilly international network in order to handle more complex tasks, which require international inputs. In doing so, we can collaborate with clients to ensure all the key matters are being addressed at the onset, the works are being processed in a timely manner and the responses to clients are clear and concise.

The following are the areas where our Baker Tilly team have extensive profile and experience:

Transfer Pricing Advisory

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Yundyong Thantiviramanon
Managing Partner - BTT
T:+66 2679 5400